Gardens are a big part of my work, my life and what I love to do. They are a constant source of inspiration and pleasure; they teach us so much about patience, our own limitations and strengths.   And there is nothing better than to go out first thing in the morning, before the day gets hot, to see how all those plants are doing. It is like a little eddy in the stream of endless tasks.

Cortes Island, British Columbia

Currently we are resuscitating and expanding our new garden on Cortes, and with all the excitement that comes with that we also finding out that “deer-resistant” doesn’t really mean anything! The only certainty are the rhododendrons and lavender, both of which we found in abundance when we moved in.  Not sure what variety this is but it has spectacular blooms and big leathery leaves with a tropical feel. For more updates on the garden please check out the post section.

photo by Sadashi


Ann Arbor Michigan 1998-2014

The inspiration for my first cards were native plants I found growing in our backyard the first spring after we bought our house. Over many years we expanded the garden to almost ever inch: back, sides, extension and pushing a big vegetable garden out almost to the busy road, the sunniest place. That kitchen garden was a lot of work and a lot of fun.




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